5 super-cheap cars launched in early 2017

In the past five months of 2017, the world auto market “welcomed” the arrival of “incredible” cheap cars.

1. Renault Kwid

In January, French car maker Renault launched the new version of Kwid with prices starting at Rs 293,000 in India.

At the upcoming Autocar Performance Show 2017 in India, the new Renault Kwid is titled Live For Mode Edition, which has just been announced. Kwid’s interior “Live For More” is wrapped in a sportier red-gray tint, matching the decals with decorative stripes on the outside. The car has a simple design. The dashboard of the car fully uses digital screens and has a very similar design to a motorcycle clock. Some high-end versions are equipped with entertainment information systems with a 7-inch touch screen.

Although cheap, Kwid is equipped with a host of convenient features such as remote opening with central locking, MediaNAV touchscreen entertainment system with positioning function, 2-speaker audio system, Bluetooth connection and airbag driver. The car uses a three-cylinder petrol engine of 0.8 liters, for a capacity of 53 hp and torque of 72Nm. This engine is combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox. In addition, the car also has a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. The launch of cheap Kwid shows that the French car company is targeting towards those who have a modest income but have practical needs on the use of cars in India.

2. Redigo Sport

Redigo Sport is Datsun’s third car to be launched in India. The car shares the chassis with another cheap car, the Renault Kwid, but has a shorter length, only 3,430 mm instead of 3,679 mm. The brightness of the car is 185 mm. The Redigo Sport version features a decal stripe along the length of the body, along with a number of glossy black castings or grille with red accents.

It is cheap so the interior of Redigo Sport is simply designed, mainly made of hard plastic material. The seat of the car is also covered with felt and fabric, instead of leatherette or real leather. Each seat itself can only adjust the muscle. However, thanks to the greater axle length than the Renault Kwid, the interior space is quite comfortable. In the popular car market, Datsun Redigo Sport is priced at Rs 349,479.

  1. Perodua Axia

In the early part of this year, Perodua introduced the 2017 version of the Axia fuel economy car in Malaysia with four versions: Standard E, Standard G, SE and Advance. Prices for this model range from RM 24,900 to RM 42,900.

Axia is expected to set a new benchmark for quality, operating costs and prices. Developed based on Daihatsu Ayla sold in Indonesia, Peria Axia owns size 3.640mm long, 1.620mm wide and 1.510mm high, the same base length of 2.455mm. Meanwhile, the interior of the Perodua Axia is 1,900mm long, 1,385mm wide and 1,240mm high, giving customers a comfortable and spacious space.

4. Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Another cheap car is the Maruti Suzuki Ignis, which starts at 4.59 lakh INR. On the surface, Ignis carries the characteristics of an SUV, high airiness, muscular body and wide visibility from the inside of the cabin compared to other models. On size, Ignis is 3,679 mm long, 1,579 mm high and 1,478 mm wide. In terms of design, Ignis stands out with a smart grille that blends seamlessly with headlights. That is the projector lamp with LED array running day. The car also has a large windshield, sculpture door and a plastic bumper.


Despite being a cheap car, Ignis is equipped with safety systems in today’s modern vehicles such as anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic power distribution (EBD), and airbags for drivers. And passengers as an option for base versions and standard equipment for more advanced versions.

5. Tata Tigor

Most recently, at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, Tata, which produces the world’s most inexpensive cars, has launched a super-cheap subcompact called the Tata Tigor. According to Tata, Tigor is based on Tiago’s small hatchback. The basic dimensions of the Tata Tigor include a total length of 3,992 mm, width of 1,677 mm, height of 1,537 mm, wheelbase of 2,450 mm and a height of 170 mm. Compared to Tiago, Tata Tigor owns a wheelbase of over 50 mm. In addition, the latter is 419 liters, the largest in the segment.

Although it is a cheap car, the interior of Tata Tigor is quite comfortable. Tata Tigor owns two airbags, a smartphone compartment, a tablet with a built-in USB charging port, an AUX audio port.

The car also features handy buttons on the steering wheel, a small TFT screen in the center of the clocks and an entertainment display on the center console. The interior of the chair is furnished with felt with enough seats for 5 people.

The car is being sold at prices ranging from Rs 470,000 – Rs 709,000. With this price, Tigor is one of the cheapest cars in the world has just launched in early 2017.

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