5 things you may not know about Porsche

The invention of the hybrid car, not just the production of every car, the 911 was supposed to have died was one of the lesser known brands in Germany, Porsche.

  1. Porsche is the world’s first hybrid car brand

In recent times, you may have heard a lot about hybrids that are environmentally friendly hybrids, but actually Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche built the hybrid in the 1899s. Working for a company called Lohner, he created a car using an electric motor and engraved “P1” on some parts, referred to as “Porsche 1”.

A year later, in 1900, he introduced the Lohner-Porsche “Semper Vivus” to the public at the Paris World Exhibition, a car using electro mechanics but with an internal combustion engine as a transmitter. The maximum speed of the car is 50 km / h, operating within 50km with a lead battery weighing 410 kg.

Lohner-Porsche “Semper Vivus”.

Not only was the start of the famous “German horse” brand, the Porsche family continued to play a big part in shaping the German car industry. Ferdinand Porsche’s grandson Ferdinand Piech remains one of the most influential figures in the car industry, and is behind many famous cars, including the Bugatti Veyron.

  1. Porsche produces engines for Harley-Davidson

The Harley-Davidson VRSC was developed to compete with ever-increasing “speed” motors from Japan and Europe. When introduced in 2001, the VRSC became the first Harley to use a Porsche-designed, water-cooled camshaft engine.

  1. Join the most races

If you talk about the track, then it is a shame not to mention the name Porsche. As early as 1899 Ferdinand Porsche ran a 2hp electric car in a 24.8 mile race in Berlin and won the first victory in Porsche history. Since then, Porsche has participated in more than 24,000 races, including 17 championships at 24 Hours of Le Mans. With many other wins at such prestigious Formula 1, The Dakar Rally and Nürburgring 24 hours.

  1. Porsche had planned to kill 911 by an American

In the past, Ferry Porsche invited an American named Pete Schutz to assume the position of CEO of the company he was vacating. And in 1980, Schutz officially accepted the job.

At his first meeting, Schutz drew up a futuristic flow chart, of which 911 would end in 1981. Then look at Chief Engineer Helmuth Bott and say: “Do the next Planned out “. But fortunately, after 34 years, we still see the legendary 911; there are even more than 20 different variants.

  1. The record on the Nürburgring was established 30 years ago

The Nürburgring has long been the benchmark for high performance cars. This nearly 30km track is celebrated by Jackie Stewart, the legendary Formula 1 rider called “Green Hell”. Any car that completed the track less than 8 minutes was called fast, and less than 7 minutes were only available for the top cars such as the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari.

The Porsche 956 is the fastest completed Nürburgring race car in history.

But back 30 years ago, Stefan Bellof set a record at the end of the Nürburgring in just 6 minutes 11 seconds behind a Porsche 956.



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