Agricultural high-tech inventions

  1. A plant house which is able to water on its own designed by Roots Up

Roots Up is a company which is located in Ethiopian. The main purpose of this organization is to encourage doing farming with family. Recently, they have devised a special green house which is able to water for its own crops. As you know, Ethiopia is a place that rarely rains even in several months, so it is vital for people in this region to think of a solution for watering their plants by another source of water. With this design, in one day, when temperatures outside go up, the heat will make water come from those plants to inside of the house. Then at the end of the day, the farmers will open a flap which is located on the top of the house and surprisingly, the water will turn back into a tank.

Thanks to this special method, Roots Up is now able to help Ethiopian people be sure than their plants can be watered enough every day when they are looking forward to the next wet season. Also, this way can also help farmers gather safe drinking water not only for themselves but also for their neighbors.

  1. Floating Greenhouse Methods

The second high-tech invention to be mentioned in this post is floating greenhouse. This floating solution is designed to assist in delivering fresh water to coastal metropolises and as a result, the crops can water on their own without any help from farmers. More essentially, this green house takes advantage of salt water taken from the ocean so that the model is also suitable for areas which do not have much place to open a farm. The purpose of this house when being devised is to encourage people living in the cities to feed themselves by products they make with their hands.

The designer of this model claimed that he got the inspiration for this after a trip to Japan. He wants to make an invention that needs a little energy as well as water to activate it. As a result, the small farm do not need farmers to put fresh water, it is able to recycle oceanic water inside to make fresh water by using high pressure.

  1. A solution to drought seasons

The environment in the global can become dangerous in the next few years, especially the problem of global warming, which can be a dangerous risk. Apart from global warming, there are also other issues such as diseases, greenhouse effects as well as extreme weather conditions. Drought is also among those problems, which have a big impact on growing plants to produce foods. An engineer coming from Mexico has spent most of his time to find solutions to this problem. Finally, he created a product named Solid Rain and this tool is able to turn water into gel.

He said that he got his ideas from baby diapers. The new invention is able to enhance more than 500 times of its size to save water even up to 365 days. On the contrary, the input is minimal. You only need to put 10 grams of absorbent polymer to expand into one liter of water. And the tool is totally not influenced by evaporation as well. What is more, according to a study, nowadays most of farm land in Mexico planted more crops, increased by 300 percent thanks to Solid Rain. People living here are very thankful to this high-tech invention that improve their life and they state that they never hesitate to make a purchase of this high-tech innovation, which costs only 25 dollars per pound.


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