Apple develops self-driving car

Unmanned cars may account for 25 percent of global car sales by 2035. Information provided at the Future of Automotive Technology and Robotics in the Public Revolution 4.0. And recently, Apple has just been licensed by the US state of California for testing the development of self-driving technology.

A few years ago, there was speculation that the US technology firm Apple was embarking on the development of the first Apple Car. However, according to a report from Bloomberg, Apple has no longer “salty” with the project called “Titan.” It means that they are no longer aspiring to produce their own car but are turning to a self-driving software system and will partner with car manufacturers.

Like other car manufacturers, Apple believes that autosuggestion can reduce congestion, prevent millions of collisions, and save thousands of lives in accidents caused by drunkenness and distraction. In addition, this car is a commodity promising to bring lucrative profits. Most major car manufacturers and technology groups are developing autos. This is considered to be the future of the auto industry with the first models scheduled for launch around 2020.

Apple will compete with the other 29 companies that also receive a California state license. The list includes major automakers such as Ford, General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla and one of Apple’s tech rivals, Google.

Since Google began researching self-driven vehicles eight years ago, Waymo’s self-driving cars have traveled more than 3.2 million km. This means that Apple will take longer to catch up with self-driving technology. But with 246 billion dollars, Apple can fully buy technology to accelerate its program.


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