High – tech innovations in the field of agriculture

Thanks to the adoption of high-technology agricultural inventions, farmers are getting a big chance to produce farming products with better equipment so that they can make food with higher quality as well as higher quantities.

In general, the big leap of mobile technology to some extent has helped promote the innovations of agriculture. Thanks to mobile services, farmers are now able to connect with consumers to advertise their products, to attract attention to their farmland and especially they can provide the information of their current market to gain their reputation. In addition to advertising products to many people, with mobile technology farmers can also have the ability to connect with professionals in the field of agriculture to ask for help about their working, about how to improve the quality of their crops.

What is more, there are other high-tech improvements that have helped make agriculture a more developed but still environmental field. Taking solar power into account, this power has helped produce a source of products which do not need to use much of artificial energy, especially it is a powerful energy for setting up green houses in urban and rural regions as well. Also, there are many other tools that are able to moisturize crops so as to protect water resources.

All of these methods have made a big movement of agriculture to make it a more profitable field.

  1. The box named Grow Up that can raises both fish and plants in a small area in an automatic manner

Grow Up is a firm located in the urban area. It has recently introduced to the farmers a tool named Grow Up Box. This box is able to raise fish as well as grow crops very conveniently in your garden. The box is made from a shipping container and is designed with to separated levels. The first level is above the second one, this level has plants above the level of fish. The main purpose of Grow Up when designing this box is to help people those want to do farming at home without spending much of money. It activates intelligently, the plants’ mission is to purify the water the fishes are living while their waste will help fertilize the crops.

All you need to do after building the box is only to provide energy for the pumps as well as prepare food for your fish. It is recommended by the producer that your fish needs both protein and vegetables. If you follow all the instructions, the result you would get is more than 130 pounds of fish and 440 pounds of vegetables.

  1. Doing farming in cities with connected greenhouse making gardens on your rooftop

You may find it difficult in seeking for a place that has enough conditions from greenness to brightness in city, where you can carry out your dream of making a garden on your own. To solve this problem, many people living in urban area chose to turn their rooftops into a cultivating garden. These agricultural methods are the combination of micro farming for urban area and commercial agriculture.

Nowadays, the number of population in the world has always been increasing day by day and in some regions, there are problems related to overpopulation. Among those problems it is food security. A lot of products produced have bad quality in terms of hygiene and nutrition. As a result, this kind of rooftop garden is a great solution to address those problems to some extent. This small farm only has the weight of 16 pounds per square foot.

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