How high technology can affects the agriculture in Viet Nam

  1. About high-tech agriculture in Viet Nam

As you may have learnt, high-tech agriculture is something about modern farming method that if it is used, the cost of energy would be decreased as well as the value of products would be increased. Especially, this technology also helps protect environment and people. High-technology agriculture only becomes successful when it is able to balance the economy of a country by taking advantage of modernized inventions to maintain a stable market. Moreover, an agricultural model with high technology needs to have enough four factors which are technology, economy, society and environment as well.

First of all, it must utilize modern technology so as to bring out agriculture goods with both high quality and premium value. In comparison with traditional ways of producing agriculture products, high-tech methods would be not only economically but also effective and it must make Vietnam’s market become more competitive within the global market.

Secondly, it needs to be suitable for tropical climate, weather as well as soil conditions regardless of which region in the country. Farmers should find ease in applying those techniques in their farming. Last but not least, improving agricultural quality must make sure there will be no influences on nature, ecosystem and especially human health.

When it comes to high-tech agricultural methods, what can come through your mind may be green houses or net houses which can be controlled by computers. Vietnam has once taken advantage of those models but citizens must have to pay a lot of money to buy the products. Due to this reasons, such methods as green houses, net houses or automation systems still do not satisfy the aspect of price.

We definitely can produce foods with these methods; nevertheless, consumers will hesitate to spend money buying such expensive products even though they know those products are hygiene and nutritious. The market for these products and the market for products produced by original ways can not be balanced so it will be ignored soon.

  1. The difference between high-tech agriculture in Vietnam and other countries such as Israel, Singapore and Japan

Obviously, the high-tech agriculture methods applied in Vietnam must not be the same with other countries due to its tropical climate as well as soil conditions. Nowadays, such countries as Israel, Singapore and Japan have started to improve their economy by making investments into agriculture more and more, although they do not have good conditions like climate and soil for this field as our country. Thus, we need to increase our speed in order not to fall behind those developed countries. In comparison with other countries all over the world, we fall into the top export countries with 12 agricultural, forestry and seafood products as well.

The main mission now is to pick technology that is suitable for different factors of weather of Vietnam and also to make sure that the products are able to maintain a constant consuming market.

  1. The price of products

Although we are among leaders of agricultural products in the world, our products still cost lower than other countries. According to consumers, the reason is because of lower quality. In terms of this case, the biggest problems that the Vietnamese is facing now is that lack of product value. However, farmers are always making effort to produce the best products at their best, but their incomes are two low so many of them must give up farming.

Furthermore, our products need to have a unique brand that can be easily identified in the global market. To solve these issues, maybe we need to make a change in exporting products, from using raw material to making processed goods.

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