How to begin creating your first mobile game

As it can be seen, the improvement of mobile games has turned so far from the past when there are games like Snake or Bounce, which you once got used to playing them on your parents’ phones. Now you do no longer push the number on those phones to make the ball move or to avoid eating the snake’s tail, what you play now is to protecting your castle from being invaded or saving your flowers from being attacked by zombies. It is almost true to claim that every person has their own mobile device regardless of a mobile phone or an IPAD that can help them play games. And it is so easy to learn that mobile game market has improved very much because of its popularity as well as technological advancement over a few decades. If you are eager and excited about making your first game, the information below will help you look through some vital points which are so vital for you to stick to your mind, and also some vital steps for you to make your own first game. You should not think that only games with complex graphic lines would attract players and be successful, you definitely can make your own simple game and it may be truly entertaining by your own way. Taking Angry Birds as a lively example, the idea of this game is just simple but it still becomes a really famous and successful game now. The reason here is that the art created in the game is so unique and funny so that players feel comfortable while playing it. You had better read the details below before rinsing your hands into making your first game.

  1. Clearly understand your game

First of all, you should pick an art style which is unique and attractive so that your game could be recognized easily and easy to remember. You can design then ask your acquaintances for advices. You must learn that when you see someone playing a game, you know exactly whether they are playing your game or not. From the sound effects to the design of art, everything is necessary for you to set up a mobile game which gamers can detect easily. Flappy Bird or Find The Rope are some lively examples for this. There are a lot of mobile games on the app store nowadays; thus thinking how you could make yours be different from others. You can make a game basing your habits or what you like because it is your first game and you do not have much experience about it. For instance, if you like playing cross and zero, you can make a game with the inspiration from that game. It means you had better make something from what you love and you know a lot about. Then you will have the ability to improve them in a unique manner.

  1. Understand a programming language

The second thing to take into consideration is learning a programming language. Just because this is your first game does not mean learning this language is not important. When you need to make more games with high level of complexity, you will find the importance of this programming language. It is ideal for you to begin learning with C#, which is the simplest one and instructed by object. This language is widely used by Unity developers. You can jump your first step learning this one through Internet, especially video tutorials on Youtube channels.

After that, it is high time you decided to make either 2D or 3D games by asking yourself what is the best for your desired game.

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