How to make your domain name on sales

There may be one or more reasons that you need to sell your domain names. You may not have enough time to maintain your business or you find that your domain name is useless or you would like to shift your job. Whatever the reason is, if you are going to sell domains so as to make a little more money or if you think your domain main can bring about a big bag of cash for you, look through the article below.

  1. Know the value of your domain name

Prior to announcing on media that you are selling your domain, it is better to consider its value so that you can have a good price in your mind. In this step, you need to take into consideration various aspects of your domain so that you can know its real value. In case you do not know clearly what to do, you can contact a company with enough helpful assessments to receive help. Some of the factors including in this process may be listed as traffic, top level domains and length as well as readability. First of all, the top priority to consider is the traffic. The number of visitors of your domain link would have a really big influence on the site’s value and the purchaser will need to know whether your site is worth spending money on or not. The second factor is top level domains. As you know, the most popular sites are ended with .com apart from other valuable sites ended with .net, .info and so on. In terms of length and readability, if your site is in short names with only one or two words, it is valuable as the site is easy to read and memorize.

  1. Do not make your site overpriced

It is not common that a purchaser will buy an old domain by spending thousands of dollar, except the most valuable ones. You need to be really realistic when making the price. If not, the customers will find annoyed when the seller too over-estimates the value of his website and there would be no one wanting to re-purchase your domain.

  1. Announce that you are selling your domain

The most convenient method to let people know that you are making your domain on sale is taking advantage of hanging up a ‘For Sale’ sign on your site. Thanks to this method, all visitors visiting your website could know instantly that you are intending to sell your domain. Do not forget to leave your contact information on the message. There are various ways you can do this task.

First of all, when you signed up for your domain, the domain vendor might have given you simple free websites. Then you can take advantage of this available tool to make a basic page which shows that your domain is on sale. Then you need to add a link to your sold domain as well as your contact details.

Otherwise, you can put more one page to your current websites and then add the link of all your domains that you want to sell to that page.

Last but not least, the final task in this step is to fix your information to allow visitors to know that your domain is on sale. Furthermore, you can alter your information so as to inform the fact that the domain is on sale currently. For instance, at the end of the owner name, you can type ‘On Sale Domain’ or ‘Selling domain’ or any phrases that you want.


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