Important tools to develop a mobile game


Marmalade SDK is considered to be the most convenient way to construct a cross-platform C++ games. First of all, this tool allows you to open either Xcode or Visual Studio projects. And then, you can integrate them into various operating systems such as IOS, Android thanks to using a single project only.

Four years ago, the flagship SDK was added two more great aspects so as to satisfy their users’ demand. Thanks to Marmalade Juice, users are now able to open their Objective-C code of Marmalade and then they can use it on Android devices, not just a single project file.

Moreover, a little code is followed by Marmalade Quick, this is an increased object with a quick as well as free environment. In terms of Quick, it is a 2D RAD Tool which is based on Lua for cross-platform improvements and it was also taken advantage with the aim to introduce the first game of Marmalade named Signal to the Stars.

  1. Virtual Engine

You may have known the famous Infinity Blade series. Behind it, there are two solutions offered specifically for mobile game developers. First and foremost, the highlighted point is Unreal Engine 3 including absolute approach to the Unreal Editor set which is integrated together, C++ source code as well as good assistance from the team devising the tool. What is more, the series also provide their customers with free edition of Unreal Engine 3 and the Unreal Development kit as well.

Another point to stick to your mind is that both products are born with a suite of the top middleware packages and you will have the chance to experience them without spending any extra cost. The shift from UDK to the UE3 is truly a good upgrade. This improvement lets users grow and develop more and more while they do not have to know new techniques. Last but not least, the community of Unreal Engine is very convenient as there are a lot of resources over there, no matter what you are looking for, either an answer for a requirement or members for your own unreal team.

Epic offers some extra details on its developer network as well as brings out videos with the aim of explaining to you more clearly about making mobile games with UDK on Youtube channels.


Maya LT, which was released in August 2017, is Autodesk’s bid to many mobile developers. It has been devised with the first aim which serves the demands of both start-up and mobile developers. According to Autodesk, this new tool was checked carefully by intensive experiments for everything from its characteristics to its UI so as to satisfy all the demands, especially unique requirements, of the mobile community.

Thanks to Maya LT on either Mac devices or personal computers, users now can take advantage of the Nex suite of tools together with such vital animation factors as key framing as well as rigging tools through Autodesk HumanIK rig and skeleton upgrade. Furthermore, the product was also improved sharply with creativity in material and the Turtle tool for texture banking, adjusting lighting to make become more realistic and Shader FX also, which as a shader editor depended entirely on node. The final point here is that Maya LT also assists Unity, Unreal Engine as well as Cry Engine. An SDK for Autodesk’s FBX file format is always ready to support developers adjust to fix environments of the FBX format.

Prior to the release of this new tool, Autodesk before introduced its Scale form Mobile SDK and Unity plug-in for IOS, Android and Windows Phone a year ago.

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