The most focused cloud security issues

For the figure and statistics which have recently been counted, more than 70 percent of organizations as well as entrepreneurs today are now transferring their data to the cloud. Thanks to such advantages as reasonable costs, more convenience, quick updates for software, more integration and especially the comfort to work regardless of any location, the number figured out above is so easy for us to understand.

However, the cloud still has its own issues referred to security. According to a survey, 90 percent of businesses are really worried about how secure public cloud is. What they concern may be listed as hijacked accounts, fake users as well as data loss.

It is obvious that cloud services cloud services have transformed into a new generation of both delivering and saving document, but a lot of organizations have still not decided whether to move into cloud space or not because of security issues. This article is going to present a clear view of the most focused cloud security problems.

  1. Data Breaches

It may be that services of cloud computing are something new; nevertheless, the What users may concern is whether sensitive data is kept secure or not in the cloud when being compared with traditional IT services.

According to a study, over 50 percent of the experts as well as IT engineers asked supposed that the amount of security brought about by cloud services is not relatively high as they expected. This study was checked carefully with nine scenarios to make sure that the answers were clearly true in reality.

Due to analysis, data breaches are likely to happen for those who take advantage of the cloud service, more than three times in comparison with those who do not utilize. Thus, we all came to the conclusion that the cloud is easy to be attacked due to a lot of helpful functions it provide us.


  1. Accounts of attackers

The next issue is account hijacking, which is considered to be resulted from the development and installation of the cloud in many entrepreneurs.

More seriously, attackers are now able to take advantage of your information so as to have approach to your sensitive data kept in the cloud space even from a far distance. What is more, they now can adjust that information. Furthermore, other means of attacking may be scripting bugs and keeping using one passwords. Those methods can help attackers easily attacked your cloud account and you can not detect them anyway. But that is not the last point. Recently, there is another new threat. It is when the attackers break into the cloud because they can be confirmed without signing in every update version.

  1. Risk occurred inside

Employees of an organization can utilize their official access to a company’s services based on cloud to falsify or to approach such information as client details, financial forms as well as other vulnerable information.

According to a study, this threat may be a false utilization of information via accidents or malware. More clearly, the study has surveyed the best methods by which companies can follow so as to adopt a safe strategy. Those practices are business partnerships, prioritizing ideas, access management and installing technology.

Even when an attack from the inside system or mechanism of your company is not likely to happen, you must be highly alert that the insider danger can obviously happen.

The list above is to some extent able to support you detect any problem taking place in your cloud system.

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