The top cloud security problems that entrepreneurs have to deal with

It is undeniable that cloud computing has brought about a lot of advantages and useful benefits, but only 33 percent of organizations decide to continue adopting his technology due to many drawbacks. According to a survey made by the Cloud Security Alliance, which is also known as CSA, there are many problems of cloud computing, especially security. Companies are always concerned about how amount of security they would get from the vendors. Below are some risks that you may have to run into while adopting cloud computing.

  1. Data security

It is clear that security is among the top priority when people consider whether to choose cloud computing or not. They need to keep vast amount of data, especially sensitive data and if the data is lost, the company would have to cope with many problems affecting their business. Because of this reason, cloud vendors had better offer their clients good solutions such as backup plans, disaster recovery methods so that the clients would feel safe to opt them as a choice.

  1. Non-compliance with regulatory mandates

The next point to consider is how clients can make sure compliance with serious regulations when their document is inside the cloud space. Otherwise, a breach in security can lead them into big fines, loss of business and even criminal problems.

  1. Lack of IT services management

A lot of businesses claimed that what actually prevents them from transferring their data into cloud apps is that they are not able to keep control over this service. For instance, the cloud service vendor can opt for the way and the location to store the data of their clients, choose how often to back up that data, which mechanism is taken advantage and many other choices to determine. Nevertheless, even when the cloud service vendor is always ready to deal with any issues, actually the data owner is still liable for any data breach which is likely to happen. For this reason, a lot of companies are still hesitating to adopt cloud computing.

  1. IT experts and business managers

Another reason keeping companies from utilizing cloud services is their own belief. They do not actually believe that their IT experts as well as business managers have enough skills to help them address cloud computing requirements. For instance, apart from the knowledge and needed techniques that a manager must have, he is also required to have financial literacy in order to get used to a new computing structure in which services are just borrowed, and also discussing skills to bring about benefits for his company.

  1. Threats occurred from inside and fake accounts

According to survey made by CSA, business leaders are worried about how their company would be influenced in case their accounts are controlled by a SaaS vendor and inside risks with that vendor with the private account. These requirements are obviously true as according to an analysis, 92 percent of entrepreneurs have their staffs with compromised accounts sold on the Internet, it means the dark market. Of course, we are not able to know all of what our employees do behind their back and the problems are getting closer to occur at any time.

  1. Disaster recovery

The last fear is that what may occur to an organization when it loses all approach to its own IT cloud due to the stop of its cloud vendor’s business. It may not be popular but it happens sometimes. In this case, you may check your vendor carefully because in this situation, finding another location for your data could be a big problem.

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