The top cloud security providers

Today, there is an increased number of companies that are going to move into the cloud space. It also means that cloud security providers need to develop their service quality at all the time. According to a research made by Gartner last year, the top priority which comes through one’s mind when he considers about taking advantage of cloud computing is security. Security itself is keeping workloads safely and data as well. It also means having approach to the security of cloud vendors. Of course, cloud vendors are still trying their best to satisfy their clients, they are making themselves a position in the market due to the best security solutions for data, apps as well as many others. Below are the top cloud security vendors that are running the market at the moment.

  1. AVG

This company’s chief executive officer is Gary Kovacs. The organization is located in San Francisco. Over the last two years, AVG improved its solution for business management in order to include backup plans as well as solutions for disaster recovery, and also combination with Office 365 and VMware. In the past, AVG was famous for its consumer anti-virus brands. Now the company has been focusing on the smaller space of business, especially mobile and cloud apps as well as services.

  1. Avanan

Gil Friedrich is the CEO of Avanan, a company located in New York. Avanan was established with the aim of offering complete cloud security, which combines big name providers that users believe into a single platform based on cloud. Customers are now able to access easily platforms for anti-virus, improved risk protection, file encryption and data leakage prevention as well.

  1. Blue Coat systems

This company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif and managed by Greg Clark. The purpose of Blue Coat Systems is to redefine what the next age of cloud security would be, leaping big steps into the market with a complete suite of cloud security solutions for customers. And we are really looking forward to what the company will offer in upcoming future.

  1. Centrify

Centrify is another competitor in the play. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif and Tom Kemp is the Chief Executive Officer of this company. Centrify understands that more and more organizations are moving into the cloud space so they offer those organizations different methods and solutions to help secure and manage approach to that technology. Those methods may be listed as identity and access management, privilege management, mobility management and many others as well. Furthermore, Centrify has also cooperated with other providers in order to gain app security level.

  1. Cipher Cloud

This San Jose- based company’s CEO is Pravin Kothari. Cipher Cloud has received a lot of big investments from big name firms like Andreessen Horowitz and it improves many aspects such as visibility, preservation and controlling the cloud. What is more, its platform also comes with encryption, activity managing, data recovery, malware realization and many others so as to save their customers from any accident.

  1. Light Cyber

The CEO of Light Cyber is Gonen Pink and this company is located in Los Altos, Calif. We know that although the company offers us the best protections, attackers and fake accounts are still trying to break into our cloud space. Light Cyber is aimed to help us deal with this issue thanks to behavior analytics. By this way, the attackers are not able to get into the system. And with this invention, Light Cyber got big admiration in the last two years, as well as got reputation for its services.

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