The top high tech mobile trends

The mobile technology has always been improving every day and there is still no signal that the improvement will be stopped. There are a lot of high-tech mobile trends releasing within only one year. Engineers not only devise new high-tech mobile devices to introduce to their customers but also use old ones to add more new functions so as to gain the value of them.

  1. Thin smartphone cases using solar energy

Today almost every person owns their own mobile phone to contact with each other and it is true to say that smart phone has been an indispensable part in our life. As a result, an iPhone case named Synthetic which takes advantage of solar energy to keep battery powered by a very eco-friendly way.

This case is specifically designed for the iPhone 6, 6S and 7. It is able to provide additional power, up to 40 percent due to the activation of a battery pack which is integrated inside. Whenever this Synthetic case is put under the sun, it will keep on working to receive power and then transfer that power into the one that your phone’s battery needs. Thanks to the case, iPhone users can charge their phones easily and conveniently without seeking for a place to plug in.

In terms of the outer appearance, the case is very thin and features different colors such as gold, silver, rose gold as well as gray for you to pick an option accordingly.

  1. Smart watch for Android fans

The company Movado has recently devised a smart watch which is integrated with connected characteristics as well as charming outlook. The aim of this new watch is to provide customers with a smart watch different from current ones.

The Movado smart watches are only devised for Android Wear 2.0 as well as provide customers with more than one hundred various dial designs to pick by using only one single button.

What is more, the device is able to provide users with approach to Google Assistant as well as Google Fit. More especially, this smart watch from Movado can give you access to a great number of other applications so that you can take advantage of all the functionalities of the watch if you want to.

  1. A dock helping you drive more alertly

You may find it annoying when your phone rings while you are driving your car. Because of problems related to accidents, a dock named RIVE has been devised with the aim of reducing the risk of driving and helping you driving safer.

You should not using your mobile phone either to hearing someone calling or to texting messages because doing so is really dangerous to you and even others driving around you. You should be alert to focus on driving and let this dock support you.

This tool is integrated with a clip located on the bottom part of your phone and it then provides a lot of functions such as downgrading and speaking.

In terms of its help, the dock is able to allow you to drive safer thanks to taking advantage of its own applications which will stop the notifications from your phone such as calling or messages and only turn on such functions as music, applications and emergency things.

  1. Old cellphones being modernized

Have you ever thought of your parents’ old phone being modernized with different functionalities? This old phone LBER KR999 is made to work as a new phone with such characteristics as cameras, connectivity and other ones that you can see from a modern smart phone.

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