The worst cloud security problems

  1. Misuse of cloud services

We can deny that the development of services based on cloud have helped us very much in keeping an enormous amount of data conveniently. But the problem is, apart from the big benefits those services are providing, there are a lot of other problems happening when both attackers and official users can easily control and spread illegal software or other digital properties.

More seriously, sometimes this method can have influences on both the cloud service vendor and their customer. These problems may be listed as sharing wrongly pirated software, videos, songs or books. After that, those issues can lead to more serious and alarming consequences referring to law and then the fine they have to pay can reach more than 250 thousand dollars, according to the level of the damage. But do not worry, you are definitely able to limit your possibility to that danger thanks to controlling utilization as well as offering instructions for your employees as well as explaining to them what they should and should not keep within the cloud.

  1. Unsafe Application Programming Interfaces

API, which is also known as App Programming Interfaces provide users with the chance to adjust their cloud usage. Nevertheless, this could be a danger to cloud security. Those interfaces can give organizations the capability to adjust the characteristics of their cloud services to satisfy their demands and requirements; yet they also offer approach and even have an effect on encryption as well.

Of course, the more the structure of app programming interfaces develops so as to offer better service, the more risks relating to cloud security are likely to occur. Moreover, Application Programming Interfaces provide programmers the methods to set up their programs in order to connect their apps with other software needed for their business. One of the most popular and simple example for this is You Tube, in which developers are able to integrate videos into their sites or apps.

Another the point to take into consideration is the connection which occurs between apps. Clearly, this can help programmers as well as entrepreneurs, they easily leave big cloud security issues.

  1. Shared risks

As you know, cloud security is a mutual responsibility of both the service vendor and the customer.

This relationship between the customer and vendor demands the customer on carrying out some methods to save their data. When such main vendors as Box, Dropbox, Microsoft and Google obviously have their solutions to save themselves, the client also needs to control suitably to protect their side as well.

According to an article released recently, such main security protocols as the protection of user login information, access limitations to all their data and devices as well, other authentication are all in the management of the user.

To be concluded, both the customers and vendors have mutual missions, so that if you ignore yours, you can be led to other unexpected consequences.

  1. Data Loss

More dangerously, data on cloud services can easily be lost via an attack, a natural disaster or misuse made by the service vendor. Obviously, losing important documents can be really terrible to entrepreneurs who have not prepared a backup plan. An example of this disaster was Amazon, an organization that once suffered from data loss in 2011.

Another example was Google, a company that lost all their data when they tried to gain the power grid by lightning up to four times.

Last but not least, keeping your data safe means that you should carefully review your vendor’s back up solutions relating to physical storage locations, physical approach as well as physical disasters.

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