Tips to choose an ideal domain name for your website

  1. Choose a unique and suitable name

First of all, you should not choose a name which is not easy to memorize and especially it makes others confused with other names. You need to pick a name that can show off your business as well as is easy to detect.

You can consider adding two words to make a name. Some examples of this way may be You Tube, Wiki How and so on. If your business is about making cake, you can tie the word ‘cake’ with word ‘making’ together. The second tip is to blend words such as Google or Tumblr. Otherwise you can add a prefix or suffix to a word.

  1. Pick a simple domain name

One point to stick to your mind is that simple is the best. You should choose a domain name which is simple and easy to memorize, of course it must be attractive. For instance, if you are going to make an online store that sells candy, your name could be sweetgum . com or candie . com instead of thedeliciouscandystore . com or thebestcandyshop . com, which is not a catchy name.

Remember not to use numbers. There are so many websites out there and your responsibility is making your customers remember your name, not asking them not to forget your name. Sometimes numbers would be rather difficult to remember and easy to confused as well. In addition to being attractive, a good domain is one that can bring out general ideas about what visitors could receive when paying a visit to your web site.

  1. Call for advice from others

It is better if you make a survey to receive more ideas from people around you. Although you like the names you choose and suppose that it sounds good, others can have another opinion about those names and they can give you valuable advices.

You can ask those who have knowledge about your wanted field. For instance, if you are going to open a website for selling your handmade cake, you can ask a baker to receive funny names which they consider to be funny and catchy. In case your desired website is not big, you can consult opinions from your parents, brother or friends. They are the ones who can give you the most sincere advices. The last tip is to ask for help from a marketing or consulting company who can recommend you academic names.

  1. Do a research for related names

Another tip to choose a unique domain name is to do a research for your business-related names on the Internet so that you can see others who open a business like you have choosing which names. Thanks to this way, you would receive a wide variety of ideas for yourself. Do not be discouraged, it is ideal if you try to look for over one hundred websites to find out necessary information. You may know in which aspects the most successful businesses are the same.

And also thanks to this method, you can skip names which have been already picked or names which are much the same to other websites. Therefore, you had better check carefully to know exactly whether your website does not violate trademark from someone or not. If your name is trademarked, lately you may have to give up your business and need start another one. So you should be aware of this issue.

Last but not least, after choosing a name, you must be very alert not to sign up for domain names which are trademarked.

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