Tips to receive a free domain

Obviously, your business path could be successful or failed due to a good domain or a bad one, but digital startups often cost you with a high price. On the contrary, in case you still want to start your business with a fixed budget, or just want to have a domain because of your hobby, there is a free domain waiting for you out there. Even though a free domain link is often relatively restricted rather than a paid one, they are suitable if you only want to take advantage them as something really simple as well as basic.

  1. Create an email account

Nowadays almost every person has their own email account. But if you do not, now it is time to create on email account in your name as it is necessary for you to sign up for a domain name. You can opt for various free emails such as Yahoo, but for this task Gmail is considered to be the best choice.

If you utilize an email for normal purposes, you often do not pay attention to password and sometimes you set it as your lover’s name or your mobile phone number. Nevertheless, it is very important for you to focus on the security of your mail because this mail is going to be connected with a new domain name. Lately if your mail is attacked, the result can not be predicted, maybe you would not be able to use your domain any more.

  1. Visit the link

Currently, you can only get a free domain name from this link. These free domains are financed as well as managed by Tokelau, which is a small country in the area of South Pacific. They made TK as an investment with the aim of raising attention to the country as well as attract technology ventures. It is not difficult for you to get the domain names from TK and you can add them into your current addresses, according to your interest. In general, this website has only one purpose, which is helping users sign up for free domains. Of course, you get what you pay. With TK, you only have one domain to use. In case you need more, it is better to visit such links as Go Daddy.

  1. Pick a suitable domain name

This step is regarded as the most difficult step when getting a free domain name as it demands on your creative thinking. There are a wide variety of domains out there so you need to choose one that is not only suitable for your business purpose but also easy for your customers to remember.

You can consult from your friends or from different sites on the Internet. If your wanted name has been chosen by someone, change it. You should pick a name that anyone who uses your website can think of the contents of the site.

  1. Do the instructions of TK to register

When you go to the TK server page, it will require you to type the information of your domain such as your contact details, your wanted domain as well as many other things. As soon as the information you input is accepted, you now can finish your registration with your TK account. This process may take you several minutes. Do not worry if you can not see your domain activating, it is because there are also many other people wanting to get a free domain like you so they need to deal with this heavy traffic. Sometimes you may have to wait until two days or more.


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